Stapled onto my paystub on Thursday there was a letter from our company drug plan provider. This was the first I'd heard about the provincial government policy cutting drug benefits to children under 24 years old which comes into effect on Monday.

The change means if you have a drug plan your children will no longer qualify for OHIP+. I have five children, so this may affect me personally. You see, the new policy says that if you've maxed out the benefits of your drug plan for your child but they still need prescriptions you will have to pay out of pocket.

This policy seems incredibly arbitrary. It doesn't matter how expensive the medication is, or if it will save your child's life, you better be able to pay.

My objection isn’t to insurance paying for prescriptions, but when the insurance coverage runs out the government should be there to pick up the slack. This policy is literally the government turning its back on the young and the sick, and placing the burden of the cost on the backs of the working class.

I think this policy is absolutely disgusting, Premier Ford. You and your MPPs should be ashamed. Conservative voters didn't realize they were signing up for this train wreck, and have every right to be angry.

If this affects you and your family, don't wait until the next election to tell the politicians how you feel. Let them know now, before they find new ways to make things worse.

Paul Vanwyck, Owen Sound