- by Kate Walsh

On my mind - I’ve been teaching for something like 18.457 years or thereabouts. When I teach I love my students- I love the ones who challenge me and keep me awake at night thinking about their wellbeing. I love the ones who stand toe to toe to me and tell me I’m driving them crazy.

I love the ones who try so hard yet don’t seem to conquer the idea- yet. I love the ones who’d rather be outside because I totally get it.

I love the ones who disappear after school one day and I never see them again. I love the ones who need me to duct tape their shoes to get them through one more day.

I love the ones who roll their eyes so much I see the backs of their heads. I love the bright spark firecracker kids who get everything right and when I push them they give me more.

Today I heard about another one of my students who has died. You have to understand, when I let you leave my classroom a part of you stays in my brain as a 12 year old. You will always be that kid; my student. I care.

Life is hard. Too many of my young people in Grey Bruce area are dying. Whether from drugs, suicide or from hard living. I’m sad.