Some people are apparently upset that Wal Mart has a Ramadan flyer. I didn't get that flyer ; my latest Wal Mart flyers are generic spring ones.

Unfortunately I don't have their Easter flyer to prove they pander equally to all religions, but I did find ones from Canadian Tire, Michael's, Giant Tiger and Food Basics.

And to the claim that Wal Mart avoids saying Merry Christmas, which was made in the post complaining about the Ramadan flyer, I offer the image above in rebuttal.

The idea that there's a war on Christmas is a fallacy created and perpetuated by racists.

If you are a racist I suggest you support public education, be nice to immigrants and visible minorities and condemn racism, because radicalisation is a lot harder to achieve when a person has grown up among the people you want them to hate.

And it works both ways.

Paul Vanwyck, Owen Sound