Good Afternoon everyone!
I thought I would discuss social distancing today since with all the talk of people not practising social distancing I thought I would bring up the topic with the question "Is it common sense?"

Social distancing is the best thing you can do for yourselves, your families and other people around the world. Most people are now off work - well, I know I am. I stay home 90% of the time unless I am going to get supplies like food or personal hygiene. I will not let people in my house at this present time, and any interactions I have such as Canada Post or UPS, or Amazon.

I have updated my delivery instructions on Amazon and other websites to "Leave the packages at the front door. Knock loud twice and leave" I will not open the door until the delivery person is in the truck but that's to protect myself and the delivery person.

I find it outrageous that Public Health, Provincial Government and Federal Government have to all place orders on all of us to follow social distancing and people still are not following it? Thats when I question the fact they even know what social distancing is. Does their brain provide them with the amount of knowledge and thinking capacity to understand social distancing. Is it an underdeveloped issue or is it just ignorance?

I can assume that it is both in most cases. We Canadians, even US. We have far less virus and disease outbreaks then other parts of the world. When a virus hits this close to home -someone in your community, your work, your family or your household - it is your human obligation to other human beings to listen when they say "SOCIAL DISTANCING"

I mean come on... People are so hyped up on this aid package the Government is coming out with but still refuse to practice social distancing! I personally think if someone is feeling unwell or has tested positive for COVID-19 and doesn't quarantine themselves and goes around other people that they should be charged with danger to human life, terrorism and murder. Why weren't these new laws that the police can arrest you if you fail to comply here months ago? If the taxpayers and the Government pay the police to charge someone with a DUI and possibly lose their licence over smoking a joint while driving then what's the harm impact on someone coughing in someone's face or giving them the virus that could lead to deadly situation.

The Government is willing to give you a cheque to survive on during a virus but opposed and voted no on the basic income project (instead of Ontario Works, ODSP, etc) The pilot draft was a cheque a month given to everyone in the county  on top of what they currently make. I think that should have been the better direction because it would lower the amount of people living in poverty before, now and the future. I give Justin Trudeau credit though-  he is doing everything he can think of to try to help us Canadians so if you voted for him or not I would still be thankful that he is doing what he is doing.

One LAST thing.......

Practice Social Distancing! If your trip is NOT essential then GO home! Your life and well being is more important then to put yourself and loved ones at risk!

-by Jacob-Morris-Wheeler