sauble beachWhy is it that despite being convicted of two counts of damaging piping plover habitat, (costing taxpayers something like $600,000), the Town of South Bruce Peninsula has applied to mechanically rake the beach this summer?

Goal 5 of the town's Strategic Plan discusses "Protection, Promotion and Preservation of our Natural Environment". If this is a guiding document and "the protection of the natural resources" is paramount, the town leaders need to leave the beach alone.

"Protecting and recovering species at risk and their habitat is a key part of conserving Ontario’s biodiversity," according to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks website.

It's time that each level of government follow their guiding principles. The application needs to be denied and our provincial ministry needs to stand up for endangered species.

Environmental Defence has created a pre-fab letter and are encouraging individuals to complete and forward it on to the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks in order to help save the habitat of the endangered Piping Plovers. Please consider signing and sharing.

Donna Mitchell