sauble securityMayor and Council:

Is this really the image you want to project of this Town? Security dressed in military style uniforms and bullet-proof vests, especially in this time of extreme unrest across the entire globe? And likely to fine visitors from out of town who are not aware of the strict restrictions you have imposed on Sauble Beach. The signage along Lakeshore Drive is poor at best and does not spell out the specific restrictions.

Why not have kept the beach fully closed until you felt it safe to be fully open, unless bowing to pressure from your potential electorates and business people? Port Stanley, and Port Bruce in Elgin County (MPP Jeff Yurek’s constituency), are fully closed still, reopening on June 22. Port Burwell opens June 22 as well. Instead of choosing a hard-nose, heavy-handed security, the Municipality of Central Elgin has opted for additional staff of their own to enforce bylaws and have added beach “champions”. So much more proactive and not distasteful like this security force at Sauble. If you have never been to Port Stanley, the density of people on the beach is at least as great as Sauble on busy days.

The optics of this military style security at Sauble Beach is very offensive!

Ann Rolfe
Shedden/Sauble Beach