Community-foundation-GB-featmark community's generosity in 2015

Owen Sound – It was an extremely busy year for Community Foundation Grey Bruce — 23 new endowment funds were created and grants of more than $600,000 dollars were distributed. Board Chair Kimberley West says, "Over the past year, we have seen very inspiring growth in our philanthropic community, which will allow us to have even greater impact for generations to come."

The largest area of growth was in the area of education. Nine new funds were opened in 2015 to address a variety of community needs. The Canadian Federation of University Women (Owen Sound & Area), Georgian Sound Big Band, Grey Bruce Home Builders & Trades Association, Grey County District Women's Institute, Owen Sound Farmer's ...

Bluewater Logo-full-UpdatedBluewater District School Board is welcoming all current grade 8 students and parents/guardians to come and learn about the multitude of program options, career pathways and vibrant spirit found in its secondary schools. Information nights are once again taking place at all eleven secondary schools during January and February to help students and parents/guardians in the important decision-making process as they plan for the 2016 – 2017 school year. In addition to providing curriculum and registration information, each secondary school will offer ...

Cathy-Hird-timeBy Cathy Hird
If we are old enough, we can always tell where we were when John F Kennedy was shot. I was in my kindergarten classroom, sitting on the floor. I remember not understanding why the teacher was so upset.

If a person is over twenty, we can say how we heard about the airplanes that struck the twin towers on September 11th. That event shifted events and cultural attitudes in North America and around the world.

Some days are momentous in our world or in our personal life. Others are filled with the ordinary activities of everyday life. Many days get crossed off the calendar, and looking back, it is hard to say what we did that day. We are certain we slept and ate and worked, but what we accomplished or what music we listened to or what conversations we had, we do not remember.

Even though a clock ticks evenly, time does not flow like a steady stream of

meafordmarket-by Bill Monahan

Where do you want to be living when the oil runs out? According to Hubbert's Peak Oil theory we will reach a point soon, if we haven't already, when the world's supply of oil, which is finite, will be overtaken by the consumption of it, which is growing exponentially. There are those who dismiss the theory but when you consider that oil companies are turning to inefficient and biohazardous approaches like fracking and the tar sands, things certainly aren't what they were when the Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills. It seems possible that even within our lifetime, it might become so rare a commodity that we'll have to learn to get along without it. Okay, so if that happens, where would you like to be?

Cuba comes to mind as an obvious choice, given that they have already learned to adapt after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nice tropical climate, friendly people, great music. But the food's not particularly tantalizing and it is still, after all, a Communist dictatorship. Being Canadian and loving it, born and raised in Ontario, I'd like to stay here in this province. And so, my answer is ...


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