blake flyHigh school is either a time to get scared, or a time to get excited. With support from RBC Future Launch and Community Foundations Canada, the Bruce Grey Youth Engagement Network and Ledge Leadership are presenting Blake Fly on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm for “World Class Welcome “, a Livestream Event via YouTube. Join us as Blake helps students get excited by inviting them to experience all that high school has to offer.

Blake uses live music, storytelling and appropriate humour that motivates young people to approach every obstacle in school as an opportunity in life and makes them quickly understand the many benefits of getting involved, getting good grades and getting a reputation as one of the most genuine, kind and authentic people in the school. He sheds a bright light on the ups, downs and opportunities in high school life and opens up about his acne-filled adolescence to honestly connect with students about the social subtleties of school.

Students will leave Blake’s programs with learning outcomes of finding the right friends, different types of peer pressure and exactly how to deal with each one, how to ask for help (without the fear of getting made fun of), and much more. Don’t miss out, Join the Event -

source: media release, Ledge Leadership