- Kevin Dandeno

With permission from the family I'm very sad to let everyone know that Alfie Fromager passed away this morning. He made a life long impression on me and he will truly be missed.

It was 50 years ago March 1971. I was sitting in Harry's Music House on 2nd Ave East in Owen Sound playing a guitar that I could not afford.That day changed my musical life for ever.

Alfie Fromager walked in, heard my strumming and asked if I could play Bass guitar. I told him that I played stand up bass in the high school orchestra, he smiled and said can you follow me playing some county songs. Guess I did OK; he hired me on the spot. Alfie rented me a bass and amp. We played 6 nights a week that summer at Lookabout Isle Lodge with Ralph Mills on guitar. At the end of the summer Alfie told me the rental amp and bass were paid in full and were mine.

I'm proud to say that until Alfie retired from music I played music with him at least once every year after that day. Here it is 2021 and I'm still playing music all because of one man, Alfie Fromager.