osfn3 It is no secret that birding in all its phases from watching to backyard feeding has grown during this past year of Covid. Not news, of course, to those following David Turner, renowned local birder and naturalist, living in Flesherton, Ontario.

Meeting with Grey Highland’s Council on March 17 2021, David and his business partner Linda Reader are presenting their eco tourism project, BOOTS, BIRDS & BREAKFAST IN THE BEAVER VALLEY designed to capitalize on the ‘back to nature’ trend and support local businesses.

Beginning in early 2020, the facebook group, Beaver Valley Birding, started by Turner has grown to 305 members. Stunning photos from David and group members are posted daily on facebook highlighting the Valley and the diverse natural habitats found there that attract both song birds and raptors as large as Ospreys and Bald Eagles. Turner with a life-long birding total of over 900 species is welcoming nature lovers and birders to experience the Beaver Valley first hand with his guided tours.

Under the title, BOOTS, BIRDS AND BREAKFAST IN THE BEAVER VALLEY, David has weekend birding tours ready to go at the height of migration in May and June 2021 followed by guided nature explorations of both flora and fauna over the summer months.

“Spring birding in the valley is exceptional.” says David, “Because of the multiple habitats, there is a variety of birds from raptors to waterfowl and songbirds that make the Valley their home or pass through during migration. I have identified over 200 species myself.”

Fellow enthusiast and partner, Linda Reader, a Community Economic Development & Marketing Consultant states that the project, BOOTS, BIRDS AND BREAKFAST IN THE BEAVER VALLEY provides eco tourism adventures to be enjoyed by hikers, birders and nature lovers. Nature based activities have grown exponentially with participants ranging from millennials to young families and seniors.

“A recent survey I completed for the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, showed that their members of all ages chose hiking, knowledge seeking and birding among their top five outdoor activities.”Reader adds, “We are starting with birding but in time our eco-tourism activities will include all sustainable nature activities involving boots, birds and local food establishments found in the Beaver Valley and Niagara Escarpment extending from Grey Highlands to Meaford and the Blue Mountains in Grey County.”

source: media release