My mail yesterday. My open letter to Owen Sound and Area Home Owners:

“Hi! My name is Jennifer Hicks. I am a single mom on disability. I worked hard to overcome my mobility limitations and improve my health enough to work full time as a teacher at Edge Hill School in Durham, ON. I am finally in a position in which I may be able to buy a home or tiny home on a tiny piece of land. I’m working with about $200,000.00.

Last year I could have found something suitable in Grey Bruce/West Grey. Since real estate has doubled in value in one year I am struggling to secure a home for myself. As I get closer to 60 years old this presents a real insecurity for the safety and stability of my future.

If you have a home, tiny home, or tiny plot of land that is serviced or can be hooked up or become an off grid living space please contact me. Thank you

sincerely. Jennifer