fooddriveprincipalsToday wraps up the 3 week long food drive competition between the city’s four public elementary schools (Alexandra, East Ridge, Hillcrest and Keppel Sarawak) with the announcement that the West has won! In the end Hillcrest and Keppel came out with 86, 274 points which works out to 104.8 points per student average. East Ridge and Alexandra brought in an amazing 66,488 points with their average of 65.1 points per student.

Special thanks to Ms.Wilson’s Grade 8 class at East Ridge, Ms.Clark’s Grade 4/5 class at Keppel, Ms.Stephens Grade 4 class at Alexandra (with help from Courage 5/6) and Ms.Blundells Behaviour Class (with help from Ms. Nevin’s DL class) for their hard work and dedication to the food drive.

It will be the West side principals who will be dressing their East Side colleagues in creative fashion for a photo in front of their schools, as a reward for their win in the 1st Annual East vs. West Food Competition. The students in the Behaviour Class have already decided that they would like to organize a second competition next year and hope to collect even more donations!

East Ridge and Alexandra will be posting pictures of their principals in the near future, so stay tuned.

source: media release