- Hub staff

Our mandate at the Owen Sound Hub is to find solutions to our mutual concerns and to build community here in Owen Sound. We love it when we can catch a snapshot of our neighbours doing just that.

Here are two absolutely unsolicited tributes to the mutual rewards of doing business locally.

"Last year we decided to buy our daughter-in-law a camera for Christmas. I don't know a lot about cameras and I wanted to give her a "decent" one; one that would suit her needs. I looked on-line, I picked out what I felt she wanted and I then priced it out at a big box store and on-line on black Friday. BUT I am a small business owner and I love personal, professional service so I made what turned out to be a great choice. I visited Peter Ciokan at Foto Art. Peter listened to my requests, validated my choice and sold me a great camera. Yes the price was just ever so slightly more but he included a memory card and offered to show her how to use it.

Last month this camera was knocked onto the floor in a hospital room and was damaged, (we thought destroyed), BUT since I had bought locally, from an expert, I was able to take it into a store, to talk to a real, live person who was able to repair it, and he didn't want to charge me for his time and expertise! It is great to have this local store and local service. A great reminder of why it is important to shop local and to support those who support us and our community!" - Deb Shaw

"I've had a little Sony sure shot camera for years and something seemed to be wrong. Thought it was a throw away for sure!! Decided to pop into Foto Art, he played around for a couple of minutes and got it working again. No charge for his time and a happy customer walked out of his store. I have heard of others who prefer to deal with our local Foto Art. A gem in our community!!" - Madilynn Wade

Thanks for letting us share your shout outs!

photo source: Foto Art Facebook page