Wiarton Crossing GuardsThe Bruce Peninsula Safe Communities’ committee acknowledged the contribution school crossing guards in keeping our children safe. No matter what the weather, crossing guards help to ensure students make it safely to and from school. Crossing guards and student walkers were Lions Head Crossing Guardsrecognized with presentations of baskets of flowers at separate presentations in Wiarton, Lion’s Head and Tobermory.

Crossing guards Barbara Mundier, Cindy Day, Penny Blythe, Michelle Urbshott, Debbie Wright, Linda Hofman and Penny Dieter were recognized in Wiarton; Christy Given, Katrina Brown and Erin Klerks in Lion’s Head; and, Andrea Munn and Karen Watson in Tobermory. Karen Watson retired recently after working in Tobermory for many years.Tobermory Crossing Guards

“The Committee encourages the public to thank these crossing guards personally for their contribution when they see them”, says Karen Kerker, a member of the committee. ”The committee challenges everyone to consider how they can all play a role to make our communities as safe as possible.”

The Bruce Peninsula Safe Communities works with community partners and Parachute Canada, to increase safety for all those who live, work and play on the peninsula.

source: media release, Grey Bruce Health Unit