- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

kayakingWhat do you give that person who can buy anything they want?
A memorable experience; a memory of time with you.

That's what Ted Stewart was thinking when he booked a kayak daytrip with his sister for her birthday.

She has returned the favour for his birthday and booked a trip with Suntrail Source for Adventure for this Friday.

They were out in the fishing islands off Oliphant last year – a beautiful clear calm day, so they were able to get out to more open water. Most of the time they could see the bottom – and fish - through the clear lake water. If the wind had been up, they would have taken a different, more sheltered route through the islands.

The trip started with some good instruction. Both Ted and his sister had some kayaking experience, but even the rank beginners were comfortable as they set out. Suntrail offers trips at all different levels of kayaking experience throughout the summer – including sea kayaking in Stokes and Myles Bay on the Huron shore to the relaxed beginner paddle on Colpoy's Bay on the Georgian Bay side.

All trips include your kayak, gear, and a delicious lunch.baldeagle

Last year they stopped for lunch on one of the privately owned islands where Suntrail has permission to land. As they enjoyed cool salads, sandwiches and fresh fruit, a bald eagle took a break from his own fishing, swooping in and perching high in a tree. After lunch the paddlers went back on the water to watch the eagle from a better vantage point. Who was watching whom?

There were wading birds out in the water grasses, undisturbed by the quiet kayaks.

This week, Ted and his sister are going on the Colpoy's Bay trip – paddling along Spirit Rock Conservation Area with a picnic lunch in Bluewater Park.
We happen to know there is still space on that trip, so if you have never seen that stretch of Georgian Bay from the water level or are ready for a relaxing day in good company – this is the serendipity you have been waiting for. If you have never kayaked before, here is a chance to learn safely with great equipment and an experienced instructor – in a magnificent setting.