Selwyn 2018 Headshot

From a speech by former Owen Sound Mayor Ruth Lovell nominating Selwyn Hicks as the candidate for Bruce Grey Owen Sound for the Liberal Party of Ontario. Hicks, three term Warden of Grey County, two term Deputy Mayor of Hanover, was acclaimed Wednesday.

"Before I tell you about Selwyn and why I am so honoured to be nominating him this evening, I want to tell you how it is that I am here doing this. A lot of what I will say will resonate with you but some of it will be unique to me.

For one thing, although I have most often voted Liberal, I have also voted Conservative if I felt the candidate and party reflected best my values at that time. I have even been a Liberal candidate in a provincial election in 1999. On the other hand, my grandfather was a Conservative Member of Parliament. No party claims my support unequivocally election after election. What I am doing tonight is very meaningful to me personally because for the first time in a long time I feel passionately about a particular party, am sincerely enthusiastic about a particular candidate and am committed to a party leader who will be our next Premier. The party is the Liberal Party, the candidate is Selwyn Hicks and the leader is Steven Del Duca.

...Change happens one riding at a time. I thought of people I knew and who had the qualities and attributes to lead our riding to a win in the election and to be part of the desperately needed change. That person had to be highly respected, well known and someone who had paid his or her political dues. He or she would have to have earned the trust of the people of Grey Bruce through their contributions to the area. The candidate must be able to show a proven track record in understanding both the rural and urban needs of our diverse area. I would not be impressed by a candidate whose ties are to Bay Street or to someone whose background involved an office at a prestigious address in the city. I wanted someone who could relate to all of us and to show us that through their actions. As the expression goes, I wanted someone who would get out there and work and get their fingernails dirty.

Selwyn Hicks was the name that fit every criteria. I called him and asked if he had thought of running. He said no. I asked him to think about it…and so did many others. It was not a decision Selwyn took lightly. In the end, much to the delight and relief of many, he put his hat in the ring as the saying goes. This evening I have the honouring of nominating him.

Selwyn has been an elected official since 2006. He has been the Deputy Mayor of Hanover and three times the Warden of Grey County. He is a lawyer and along with his wife, also a lawyer, practices law in Hanover and the two counties. Prior to obtaining his legal degree and Master of Business Administration, he completed a Social Work degree. Ladies and gentlemen, I was in politics for a long time and I swear to you, the combination of those three degrees is the best educational background a politician could possibly have.

... In a world longing for authenticity, for the real thing, look no further than Selwyn. He is the real thing. The things Selwyn cares about, the Liberal Party cares about. I could not be more honoured than to nominate Selwyn Hicks to be the provincial candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party in the riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound and I officially do so now."