harb-fullOwen Sound – Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is pleased to see that Transport Canada has opened the vehicle entry gates at the south end of the east side of the Owen Sound harbour.

On July 17th, Mr. Miller was informed that officials from Transport Canada closed and locked the vehicle entrance gate. The closure of the gate appeared to be in response to Miller's request to have the road on the east side of the harbour graded. Miller publicly called on Transport Canada to grade the road and reopen the gates. The road on the east side of the harbour has now been graded and the vehicle gate is to remain open unless there is reason to believe there is a safety concern for the public.
"I am very pleased to see that the vehicle entry gate has been reopened and the road has been graded. This is certainly important for local events such as the Salmon Spectacular which will be taking place over the next 10 days," said Miller. "I have been working with and will continue to work with staff in the Minister of Transportation's office to make sure that the harbour remains accessible and open to the public."

SOURCE - Larry Miller, MP Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound