GC-brand-fullFollowing months of broad consultation and development, Georgian College has unveiled a new brand position and logo.

Focusing on the theme of "accelerate success", the new brand identity combines a stylized image of a leaf and Georgian's familiar green and blue colours with a new forward-looking "accelerator" symbol. In science and entrepreneurship an accelerator dramatically enhances growth and development. The new symbol is an apt metaphor closely aligned with Georgian's strategic direction. Georgian President and CEO MaryLynn West-Moynes debuted the new branding during an assembly of more than 600 staff at the Barrie Campus on Monday, Aug. 25.

"The Georgian brand story is one of promise - a promise that real education is a process of transformation and that Georgian is here to help," said West-Moynes. "The best centres of learning do far more than just transmit knowledge - they are catalysts for change. Our commitment to be that catalyst extends beyond students and alumni to also reach the employers, diverse partners and the communities we serve."

Creating the "accelerating success" positioning has been a collaborative effort with input from more than 5,100 staff, students, parents, employers and community partners, through surveys and focus groups.

Why did Georgian choose to rebrand now?

"Communicating the Georgian difference is essential in achieving our strategic goals. Frankly, we owe it to our students - a strong brand shapes how we are perceived and is essential to attracting students, faculty, staff, partners and supporters. In a sector that grows more complex and competitive every year, we need a bold brand promise and compelling visual identity," said West-Moynes.

Details are available at GeorgianCollege.ca/brand.

SOURCE - Georgian College