OS-Policesept-fullOwen Sound Police officer Constable Brian Follis is facing thirty-three additional charges under the Police Services Act, following a secondary investigation into his on-duty conduct.

In November 2013, an internal investigation was commenced following a complaint into the conduct of Constable Follis. At the request of William Sornberger, Chief of the Owen Sound Police Service, the investigation was conducted by an external police service. In June of 2014, that investigation was concluded and Constable Follis was charged with six counts of Discreditable Conduct, five counts of Neglect of Duty, two counts of Deceit and one count each of Insubordination and Breach of Confidence. He was suspended from duty.

As a result of additional information obtained during the primary investigation, a further investigation was conducted. As a result of this investigation, Constable Follis is facing thirty-three additional charges under the Police Services Act.

Constable Brian Follis, who has eight years of service, has additionally been charged with twenty- eight counts Insubordination, two counts of Breach of Confidence and one count each of Discreditable Conduct, Neglect of Duty and Deceit. The majority of these charges pertain to allegations that Follis accessed police records for purposes not related to his duties.

Constable Follis appeared before a Police Services Act hearing tribunal this morning at the Owen Sound police station. The matters have been adjourned until October 28th, 2014.

Constable Follis remains suspended from duty.

Source - Owen Sound Police Services