boa-fullOwen Sound - Wednesday, October 15, 2014 – City Officials report that the search for 'Princess' the missing boa constrictor continues.

Princess was last seen early Saturday morning by her owner in their home located in the area of 11th Street West and 4th Avenue West, and was reported missing Sunday morning.

"I have met with Renee Robins, Owen Sound Animal Control Officer and we now have reason to believe that Princess is still inside her owner's home", says Mayor Deborah Haswell. "These breeds of snakes are permitted in the City of Owen Sound, however in accordance to by-law 1997-089, section 1.3; they must be kept in escape proof cages."

Ms. Robins advised that boa constrictors are heat seeking and if outside would be in a dormant stage due to the cooler night temperatures.

A complete copy of by-law 1997-089 can be found on our website at

Source - City of Owen Sound