Dobbyn-fullTuesday November 4th marks 10 years at the helm for United Way Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn.

"The United Way of Bruce and Grey has benefited greatly over the past 10 years greatly through the dedication and perseverance of our Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn. We very much appreciate having her at the helm, and look forward to 10 more years of her tireless and selfless service to the communities in which we live." Dave Myette – Board Chair

"When I started this job it was 3 days a week and our budget was $120 000 for the year, now it's 8 days a week and we're running a budget of over $750 000" Dobbyn quipped. "We funded 8 programs and now we're funding over 20, and we are meeting previously unmet needs such as backpacks and utility assistance"

Dobbyn credits the support of the community and volunteers for the success of the United Way. "While there have been days, and even weeks of struggle and worry, the community never ceases to amaze me" Dobbyn adds "from corporations donating thousands to individuals who insist we take their last 75 cents in appreciation of a warm coat, the community believes in the work we are doing."

The United Way of Bruce Grey wanted to host a 'come and go tea' in Dobbyn's honour, but the overwhelming demands on the utility program have postponed the celebration until a later date. The United Way is promoting a "$10 4 10" fundraising drive, where supporters are asked to donate $10 in celebration. Donations can be made through

Source - United Way Grey Bruce