spray-fullOwen Sound - The Owen Sound Police Service has concluded another graffiti investigation resulting in an Owen Sound man being charged.

Detective Sergeant Jeff Fluney stated, "The Community Oriented Response and Enforcement (CORE) Unit commenced an investigation several months ago into the word "LONA" being sprayed painted or drawn on government and private property at various locations within the city. The lengthy investigation culminated today in the arrest of a 23-year-old Owen Sound man."

The man was arrested and charged in relation to 92 acts of mischief by spray painting and drawing the "tag" on buildings, mail boxes and street signs and other various locations. The graffiti, which is very unsightly, can cost anywhere from tens of dollars to paint over the "tag" to several hundreds of dollars to have the paint or marker removed.

The acts of mischief were grouped together based upon victim and locations so the man faces six counts of Mischief Under $5,000. He was released from custody, on several conditions including curfew and not to possess spray paint or markers, to appear in Court on the 18th of December to answer to the charges.

Source - Owen Sound Police Service