Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says he is concerned that the cost of living in Ontario is getting costlier every day. He says the increase is thanks in part to the provincial Liberal government's hikes to user fees like increased fees for driver and vehicle licences and new user fees on all hunting and angling licenses.
"The taxpayers will not receive any direct benefit in service from these fee increases." says Walker, adding that the 400-plus user fees net the province about $2 billion a year in extra revenues.
Walker says his party most recently demanded the governing Liberals repeal the new angling and hunting fees, and it also called on the government to bring the licensing system back to Canada after sourcing it out to the United States.
"The user fee hikes combined with the deterioration of services is a worrisome trend in Ontario," he says. "The government's mismanagement is hurting our province."
Walker believes plans including the sale of public assets like Hydro One, the new retirement pension, and a carbon tax will further hurt Ontario families and businesses.

source: media release