- by Michael Zimon

There are bullies in all walks of life:  Kids on the playground, bad bosses, unethical businessmen and politicians.

A sports metaphor for dealing with bullies:

Imagine your first day in the major leagues. Two out. On the mound is a feared smoke throwing dirty pitcher who sometimes aims at your head. Step up to the plate. That’s all that matters. So what if you take 3 balls, and foul off 4 more pitches before going down swinging at a 100 mile an hour fastball and walk back to the dugout. If you made the man on top of the mound throw you 8 pitches, he knows the manager will pull him from the game for a reliever after so many pitches. You have made a difference. Have no fear.

The real heroes are the ones who go down swinging against almost impossible odds. They are the ones who send a message: that they are not afraid, that they don’t have to hit the game winning home run or even get on base to make a difference. Sure, some might boo you, say you are out of your league, try to shame you, even mock you, publicly or behind your back. But you have earned some respect from more people than you know. Including yourself. And these are the people who matter.

If you have inspired just a few friends or one child, or, many who watched you, to have no fear, or to not worry about negative people, you have made a difference. You have changed their world. And if this grows exponentially, you will have helped changed the world.

So. Change your job or career. Volunteer your time to try to change things that are broken in the system. Run for office. Call out the unethical businessman or politician.

And if anyone tries to attack your character for stepping up to the plate, this says more about their morals and ethics, than it does yours. You have turned the tables: the bully now fears you.