Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says the Liberal government is downloading $2.1 million onto local taxpayers in Thunder Bay for closing two long-term care homes in that community. He now worries the same fate may hit other municipalities, such as Durham, who have been mandated to renovate long-term care beds.

"It's just not viable nor fair to stick local taxpayers with the bill for a service that is the responsibility of the provincial government," said Walker.

There are over 300 homes or 30,000 beds across Ontario that require renewal across Ontario. "Of those, about 100 homes areoperated by municipalities, and may face the same fate as Thunder Bay with regard to the downloading of some of the closure costs, an added burden that municipalities and local taxpayers cannot afford," Walker said. "The Liberal government needs to come clean about its plan to download millions of dollars onto municipalities where local nursing homes will close or amalgamate."

Walker is concerned about the state of long-term care in the province.

"Ontario has two full-time ministers responsible for seniors health care and services, and yet neither one is addressing the current wait list of upwards of 27,000 seniors and wait times for the existing long-term care beds," stated Walker.

source: media release, Bill Walker MPP