horse and buggyGrey County Ontario Provincial Police continue to stress traffic safety and education in their ongoing commitment to making traveling on roadways as safe as possible for all users.

Motorists are reminded to watch for horse-drawn vehicles. Be extra cautious by reducing your speed and staying well back from these vehicles. It's important to be alert and to be patient.

Pass only when it's safe to do so. Passing a horse-drawn vehicle should only be made to the left - giving them a wide berth when passing. A horse can be easily spooked if passed on the right or if too close.

On January 24, 2018 at approximately 5:00 p.m. A horse-drawn vehicle was travelling southbound on Concession 12 south of Grey Road 40 in the Township of Chatsworth. The horse was spooked when a cube van, travelling in the opposite direction, passed the vehicle causing the horse to suddenly veer into a laneway. The buggy flipped, ejecting the female operator. The 25-year old victim from the Township of Chatsworth was taken to hospital with serious, non-life threatening injuries. She was treated and released.

Although no traffic offences were committed, this incident serves as a reminder to drive cautiously around horse-drawn vehicles. Horses can be easily spooked simply by the sound of a motor vehicle, whether it be passing from the rear or oncoming.

Be alert. Be courteous.

Aggressive driving is not only unsafe; it's against the law.

source: media release, Grey County OPP