policecarAt approximately 2:17 pm police responded to 4th Avenue West and 19th Street West regarding a 2-vehicle collision. The investigation revealed that a west bound vehicle stopped at 4th Avenue West before proceeding into the intersection and colliding with a south bound vehicle. The driver of the west bound vehicle was charged with careless driving.

At approximately 2:45 pm police responded to 2nd Avenue West and 9th Street West regarding a 2-vehicle collision. Witnesses indicated that two vehicles turning right from 9th Street West onto 2nd Avenue West to go north bound collided with each other. Each vehicle appeared to encroach on the others lane causing the collision. There were no injuries and only minor damage to the vehicles. Police are asking drivers to use extra caution while moving through the new detour routes.

At approximately 4:16 pm police responded to 10th Street West and 3rd Avenue West regarding a collision between a cyclist and a car. Witnesses advised that 3 cyclists were east bound on 10th Street West, the 1st bike went through the intersection at 3rd Ave West on an amber light while the 2nd cyclist was slowing down to a stop. A 3rd cyclist continued through the intersection now against a red light colliding with a south bound vehicle. The cyclist sustained some minor scrapes but did not require medical attention, however his bicycle wasn’t as lucky. The cyclist was charged with failing to stop for a red light.

source: media release, OSPS