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The Owen Sound Attack kicked off Rookie Camp 2014 on Monday with 34 hopefuls taking part in on-ice sessions. Each team practiced and played two intra-squad games on Monday with Team White collecting 3-1 and 5-4 wins. 2014 CHL Import Pick Petrus Palmu did not take part in scrimmages (fatigue) and goaltenders Michael McNiven and Tyler Richardson participated only in practices.

Salmon-feat242014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 24/08/2014

1.Wayne Sullivan of Baden at 10:34:03 (6.880 Kgs./15.27 Lbs. Lake Trout)
2. Hans Hartmann of Owen Sound at 13:41:38 (5.880 Kgs./13.05 Lbs. Lake Trout)
3. Cody Gray of Georgian Bluffs at 10:32:23 (5.620 Kgs./12.48 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
4. Ross Burrows of Owen Sound at 11:13:53 (4.640 Kgs./10.30 Lbs. Lake Trout)
5. Justin Tadgell of Port Franks at 21:56:13 (4.590 Kgs./10.19 Lbs. Lake Trout)

Salmon-feat232014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 23/08/2014

1. Ian MacGregor of Wiarton at 21:29:59 (6.890 Kgs./15.30 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
2. Doris Snyder of Hepworth at 21:27:23 (5.910 Kgs./13.12 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
3. Jerry Brick of Hanover at 20:01:12 (5.840 Kgs./12.96 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
4. Stephen James of Walkerton at 15:02:42 (5.180 Kgs./11.50 Lbs. Lake Trout)
5. Rob Howard of Desboro at 10:12:24 (4.340 Kgs./9.63 Lbs. Rainbow Trout

Salmon-feat222014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 22/08/2014

1. Rod Stewart of Owen Sound at 13:32: 14 (4.790 Kgs./10.63 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
2. Pam Schaefer of Sturgen Falls at 10:42:59 (4.370 Kgs./9.70 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
3. Jim Couch of Owen Sound at 10:22:32 (4.280 Kgs./9.50 Lbs. Lake Trout)
4. Alfred Weber of Kitchener at 21:55:46 (4.180 Kgs./9.28 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
5. William Hanna of Collingwood at 10:49:01 (4.040 Kgs./8.97 Lbs. Lake Trout)


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