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New to the city of Owen Sound, new to the role of volunteer coordinator for the Canada 150/Owen Sound 160 anniversaries, I was given three weeks and a near-impossible task.
Now, with 7 short days to go, we are desperately seeking volunteers to help throw a celebration of our beautiful 160-year-old city. Between June 30th and July 10th, 11:30am to 11:30 pm we still need volunteers in the following numbers and areas:


- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

One of the most-used transit stops in Owen Sound is on 1st Ave. West, across from the Library, by the cenotaph. Without a bus shelter, riders wait in the rain, or cold, or snow at the stop. Their only other option is to watch from inside the library hoping that the bus - which they won't be able to see until it turns the corner from 8th Street – will be stopping to let passengers off, and they will have time to run down the steps and dash across the street.

The following excerpts from the staff report to the City's Operations Committee demonstrate some of the challenges and...

busBruce Peninsula Transit is a new bus company offering transportation between locations on the Bruce Peninsula and Owen Sound. The company wants to offer more stops within the city of Owen Sound.

At their Monday, June 26 meeting, Owen Sound City Council referred the operator's letter (text below) to their staff for a report on these potential stops, including the benefits and any potential risks or costs.

cityhalldemo- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

When Owen Sound built its city hall in 1965 to replace the one that had burned down four years earlier, the world was a different place. The City owned its own electrical utility - Georgian Bay Energy; electricity and fuel oil were cheap and energy conservation a non-issue. Asbestos was still used in fire-retardant building materials. Accessibility of public buildings was barely considered, never mind the law.

Renovations now underway at that city hall are...




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