canada150-by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Sometimes the calendar says it is the date to celebrate – Christmas, a birthday or anniversary. But someone in the family who should be there is in the hospital, and others who would be at dinner are sitting by their bedside. Or someone has lost a baby or a spouse or a job.

So the date does not go unrecognized, uncelebrated. The children still help blow out the candles; Santa Claus still comes. But there is a difference in the tone of the event. A respect, a deference to those who are in pain.

bus- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Transportation to and around the Bruce Peninsula, from Owen Sound to Sauble Beach and back – these have been dreams for more than a decade. And it looks like someone has stepped forward with a magic wand – and a bus.

But businesses are more than good ideas. Licences, permits, insurance and plans are as important as the hardware and the Facebook page. As Uber and Greyhound and dozens of others have found, transportation is a business fraught with logistical challenges.

All of us at the Owen Sound Hub are as keen as anyone on the idea of peninsula transportation. But we've been around the block...

Ford assembly line - 1913- by David McLaren

You know an election campaign has started when Liberals start taking planks from the NDP platform to patch up their own band wagon.

Nevertheless, Ontario's workplace reforms, especially the graduated increase to a $15 an hour minimum wage are welcome and long overdue.

The current minimum wage of $11.40 an hour is a poverty wage. A poverty wage puts...

signs- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Signs of the times – how should we read them? The Owen Sound Hub is starting a semi-regular feature this week about some of the potential development around town.

The current Owen Sound city council was elected to a significant degree on a pro-development platform, with a strong mandate to expand the City's tax base and lessen the burden on current taxpayers. Their success in this endeavour has been...




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