1024px-The fin de siecle newspaper proprietor cropped- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Let's start this campaign with some mutual respect. Swiping at the media before you've even been nominated benefits no one.
Tanya Granic Allen tweeted "FAKE NEWS" on the CBC Twitter feed when CBC said she was seeking the nomination in the riding of Cambridge.
The comments about the Cambridge nomination began Friday after PC Riding Association President Rob...

truth- by Erin Miller and Ian Gill, Discourse Media

If you're struggling to hear the applause that greeted the federal government's soupçon of support for Canadian journalism in last week's federal budget — well, that's what one hand clapping sounds like. No one is putting two hands together for what, so far at least, is a vague and...

shhhh- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

It sounds so easy. "If something bad really happened – speak up. Identify yourself. Tell. If you don't, it must be because it's not true."

Why don't we tell

- That a father, uncle, neighbour touched, or asked, or suggested – and watched to see how we'd respond?

Because ...

wearevoting- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

By the time Canadians go back to the polls for a federal election in 2019, millennials will be the largest cohort of voters in the country. Every Canadian born between 1980 and ...

bridgeAfter hearing this opinion from more than one municipal councillor in Grey County, I decided to publish this submission anonymously at the author's request. It is honest and well-researched but may not be popular or politically appetizing.  And for the record, I agree wholeheartedly. - Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor


Municipal Taxes – A certain investment in a prosperous future?

holster-648050 640- by Laura Buckler

Here's what I don't get.
My dad is an avid gun collector.
By 'avid', I mean he has A LOT of guns. He has all kinds of guns. Long guns, hand guns, rifles, weird guns that are hard to find.
Here's the thing though.






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