agri environmental assessment- by Brent Royce, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

The provincial government recently released a discussion paper – Modernizing Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Program – as they consider changes to the Environmental Assessment Act. The government has asked for public input on the proposed vision for the environmental assessment program based on the...

apartment bed smaller 2Why does so much sexual assault prevention focus on defining sexual assault? As May’s Sexual Assault Prevention Month draws to a close it’s worth asking whether the conversations our community has about sexual violence are as effective as possible. They might not be.

Over the years I’ve led conversations about sexual violence and healthy relationships with groups in...

coyote fullBy Gary W. Kenny

Several years ago I asked my brother-in-law, a metal sculptor, to craft me a weathervane. I specified a realistic-looking coyote howling at a crescent moon, and I e-mailed him an image from the internet. I forgot about my artist brother-in-law’s penchant for interpretation. What I got looked nothing like what I had requested. On the top of...

farmer- by Debra Pretty-Straathof, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Ontario’s farm workforce is changing. More farmers are retiring, selling their farms or transitioning the business to the next generation. Younger farm faces are making more purchasing and management decisions. And while technology and automation...




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