atvsFrom Facebook, with permission:

On the weekend we got ice cream at the Big Bay store and walked down to the end of the government dock. Walking back but still on the dock and hearing a roar, the four of us including our six year old grandson, had to jump out of the way of an ATV that came speeding out onto the pier (where vehicles are banned). It just missed us. We yelled at them as they went by at high speed and they laughed at us. One of its rear tires was half-flat. My wife thought it looked like...

3rdave- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

While working at a short-term temporary job as an enumerator with the 2016 census, Monika Bruaer broke her foot – she heard it crack. She'd stepped in an overgrown hole in a lawn where there was no front walk – ironically, the hole left when a landlord removed a hedge that the City deemed a problem....

police costsThe Owen Sound Police Association is pleased to hear that the long overdue OPP costing presentation will be delivered on September 12th at 1pm. Although the recent
City of Owen Sound press release did not indicate, we have confirmed with city officials that this meeting is open to the public and will be held at the temporary...

sweaters- -by Anne Finlay-Stewart

Riverside Yarns describes itself as "A local yarn shop located in a beautiful heritage building in downtown Owen Sound"

The store at 928 2nd Ave. East posted these frightening words on Facebook to its loyal customers on Friday...

hitler- by Garnet Rogers
I see people here rightfully decrying hate and racism, and wondering how we could have forgotten just how terrible fascism and Nazism are. I see lots of films and photos of the death camps being shared, and footage of naked women and children being herded into fields to be shot next to an open grave by grinning Nazi soldiers who feel no shame, but who in fact grin and wave at the camera.
"How can we have forgotten?"
The thing is,




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