farm- by Steve Brackenridge, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Farm property taxes are not a new topic for Ontario agriculture, but they can be a complicated one. Property taxes are intended to pay for...

rural internet- by Drew Spoelstra, Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

To say that reliable internet is vital to Ontario’s rural residents – farmers, businesses and communities – is stating the...

invest- by Brent Royce, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Balancing a budget is tough and takes vision and discipline. The Ontario government is working on balancing the province’s books, collecting information and consulting across ministries to develop the...

agri food- by Rejean Pommainville, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

When the federal government presents its next budget, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) wants to be sure that real investment in the agri-food sector and rural communities is part of the...

rural farm- by Keith Currie, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

There’s something exciting about starting a brand new year. The opportunities and possibilities are endless, and turning the calendar allows us to start with a clean slate for another growing season. And who...

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