gas pump resize 768x453- by Sarah Buchanan, Envoronmental Defence

Premier Ford is forcing gas station owners in Ontario to put up misleading anti-carbon tax stickers by August 30th. These stickers deliberately hide the truth by leaving out any mention of carbon tax rebates, and by failing to mention the devastating impacts of the climate crisis we are facing.

You have the right to speak up, but...

animal welfare- by Crispin Colvin, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

A new temporary solution to respond to animal protection issues in Ontario was announced last week by the Solicitor General. To fill the gaps left by the withdrawal of Ontario Society for the Prevention of Animals (OSPCA) in April 2019 – and its...

piping plover- by Ian Miron and Sue Tan at Ecojustice

Not long ago we thought the endangered piping plover would never appear in Ontario again. After a nearly 30-year absence, these tiny migratory birds returned to the shores of the Great Lakes, including...

beef cattle- by Keith Currie, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Last week the Ontario government reassigned some key ministerial positions. The shuffle saw some champions of Ontario agriculture and rural communities reassigned, while newer faces are assuming leadership positions. The cabinet change also saw the creation of five new associate ministers and a new Ministry...




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