DIAsign2- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

There is a plan to close the Downtown Improvement Area (DIA) office, eliminate its staff and give three-quarters of the money its members pay  to the City of Owen Sound to pay for snow removal, parking enforcement and lot maintenance. The plan is being sold as essential to providing free parking in the city.  Here are some of the myths we've heard...

natureontarioThe Government of Ontario announced plans on November 15, 2018 to eliminate the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) and transfer much of its responsibility to the jurisdiction of the Auditor General. This misguided decision effectively undercuts the power and independence of Ontario’s environmental watchdog.

The ECO provides...

diaoffice- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

“The Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area (DIA) is committed to providing leadership in the on-going development of the membership area as a vibrant and sustainable business, cultural, and residential community.
This goal will be achieved by supporting initiatives aimed at improving, beautifying, and promoting...

corn- by Keith Currie, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

As Ontario’s fall harvest continues, corn quality and the threat of moulds and mycotoxins have become a serious concern across the province. Elevated levels of vomitoxin (DON) in this year’s corn crop has growers concerned about finding a market for their grain, and in some cases, figuring out how to safely...




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