cougar- by Peggy Brekveld, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Changes are being made to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act and the government is welcoming comments on proposed revisions. This legislation impacts Ontario farmers who often deal with the habitats of many endangered, threatened and species of special...

adult connection data 839465 resizedMay is Sexual Assault Prevention Month and an opportunity for our communities to ask what we can do to make them safer. We can’t ask that question without considering pornography.

It is easier to access sexualized images and videos now than at any other time in history. Everyone with access to the internet and a smartphone or computer has access to an almost infinite supply of pornography. Our culture has a complicated relationship to porn because of

 fordinplastic- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Newspapers always catch my eye, and this Toronto Star was still in the plastic bag in which it was delivered. It was there, along with batteries, broken glass, siding and containers, after the authorities had removed a syringe and replaced a missing piece of fence separating the Bayview School yard from the ravine behind it.

I couldn't see the date through the fence, but I googled the headline....

students- by Emma Schuster

The sheer number of courses available for Ontario high school students is amazing, but rural schools often struggle to offer the same wide variety of courses for their students. Whether it’s because of a lack of interest or available teachers, many rural school boards create unique alternatives to the traditional in-person classes with the technology available ...




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