Citizenship-Application- by Erroll Treslan

Responding to a Facebook conversation with the Editor on this subject

Anne, first of all, I am assuming that you agree with a country's basic right to control its own borders - correct? [Some believe that the right to immigrate should be unfettered but, although that position is philosophically sound, it is unworkable in practice]

Next let's look at exactly what Ms. Horwath said:

neighbours- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Now that NDP leader Andrea Horwath has picked up some positive numbers, Ontario Proud (OP) is turning its attention on her. Doug Ford voted in favour of Toronto becoming a sanctuary city, but when Horwath supports those same principles, it becomes the source of another of OP's scare-mongering memes.

media- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Yesterday I was honoured to be on a panel on Rogers with Doug Edgar, the Managing Editor of the Sun Times and long-time CFOS radio announcer Dave Carr.

We discussed the impact of media on democracy, and one issue that was raised was the subject of this commentary -

800px-Bruce-Nuclear-SzmurloThe Secretariat
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
K1P 5S9
April 16 2018
Re: Submission on Day 2 Public Hearing of Bruce Power Inc. Request for 10 Year Operation Licence Extension and Major Component Replacement
Dear Chair and Members of ...




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