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employment applicationDear Editor,

I would like to address the controversy related to the recent vote on Canada's Summer Jobs Program; specifically the House decision to include that eligible organizations must, "respect individual human rights in Canada... These include reproductive rights;" a decision that has been the cause of much scrutiny from right wing religious groups, the conservative party and our own...

beach dunesI am writing regarding the situation of maintenance at Sauble Beach. I have learned that bulldozing was done last August in an attempt to "rehabilitate" the beach, but its powerful deep digging has caused destruction of possible nesting sites for the endangered Piping Plovers, as well as other wildlife. I am very concerned that...

healthcareDear Editor,

Yesterday the news reported that the Financial Accountability Officer of Ontario had done a report on Health Care spending. This report might explain why hospitals are charging for something as fundamental as...

breadToday I received a demand for a photo of my driver's license from Loblaws Corp. in order to prove that I am owed the $25 that Loblaws was willing to pay due to their price-fixing of the price of...

caption Bulldozer at Sauble Aug 2017The Town of South Bruce Peninsula is preparing to begin spring maintenance at Sauble Beach. Last August, a bulldozer was used to "rehabilitate" the beach. It dug down deep, completely destructing the beach as a habitat for the endangered Piping Plovers, other beach wildlife and the health of the...

Our man-child (sorry, person-child) PM, like most men-children (sorry people-children), Mr Trudeau wants to have his cake and eat it to. He wanted to do business with India AND show off his cultural sensitivity. But he ended up looking like Mr Dressup on vacation (to coin a Conservative critique). Meanwhile, he and his team...






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