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CopwayThe Saugeen Band of today believe they were promised something they weren't. What they think they were promised is mathematically impossible. They have forgotten that because of the mathematical impossibility, their ancestors already fought for their rightful treaty boundary over 160 years ago and won.

tealightsI applaud the support for the horrific tragedy out west of the hockey players killed in that awful bus crash.

Some days after, in the Himalayas, 25 young Indians were killed when their bus went off the edge of the road, careening 60m's or so down into a ravine.

I have heard....

scienceA few days ago, I read on Facebook the following question: What scientific theory do you think will be proven wrong and shock the scientific world?

My reply: It is the Big Bang, an unproven fantasy turned into a scientific dogma. The theory was proposed by...

harrisontrailGood afternoon Mayor and Owen Sound council
I am here today to speak to you about your decision to pave the nature trail that runs from the entrance of Harrison Park to the rainbow bridge. When I read to my mother (whom I moved back to my hometown to take care of) a few weeks ago that city council had voted to....

deareditorDear Editor,

I am writing to express some concern about the nature of the hate speech post on April 10th. I do not believe that even the "scrubbed" version of the photo should be circulated. I think that we as a community need to be made aware of this act of racism, however posting the photo replicates the violence. We should be outraged by this colonial violence and we should be creating discussion, however I am very worried




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