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beer cans“Buck a Beer”
“3% reduction of tax on beer”
“Extended hours to purchase and serve alcohol”
“Pending: alcohol sold at convenience store”

I live in Grey County, specifically in...

coyote huntDear Editor,

Further to Gary Kenny's letter last week.

When it comes to the making of factual claims it does not matter where a person lives, or his or her occupation — Science is objective fact. Science shows that non-lethal deterrents are more...

wallet penniesDear Editor:

Today, May 28th, is World Hunger Day, a reminder that many people suffer from food scarcity.

It might be hard to believe for some, but Owen Sound has members of its community who do not have enough...

abuseRe: $28 million provincial cut from Children's Aid Societies

This is something I know about, being a retired foster parent. Workers had huge case loads. Kids who come into care have more often than not already been through hell...

li charter of rights cbcRegarding: "Pro-choice activists speaking out against anti-abortion ads on Hamilton buses"

The billboards read “Canada has no abortion laws. Seem backwards?”.  The words are deliberately misleading. There is plenty of...

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