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school busRe:Girl hit by car in Owen Sound

I drive a school bus, and a driver's biggest fear is having someone 'run your lights'. It has happened many times to me (mostly in front of...

stand-out-2703896 640The 2018 Provincial Election in Ontario has created divisive attitudes, heated conversations and confused voters.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on at least two of the three provincial leaders.

Local candidates find themselves....

vote-2831241 1280Dear Editor

It appears at present that Ontario voters are not prepared for the drama of a Doug Ford government. I could be wrong of course. This leaves a choice between

grasshopperIf your house had a leaky roof, you could decide to put off repairing it but finally the day will come when something has to be done about it. There are also unanticipated problems that will catch you unawares.

One could face this situation by being an ant or a grasshopper, either plan for the future...




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