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peopleDear Editor,

Is the PC government's spring budget "for the people"? There are a few tidbits that are helpful to a few people, but overall, it is very much lacking.

There are two ways to balance a...

cattle in penHaving a charity enforce animal cruelty laws in Ontario was doomed to failure from the get go. And the OSPCA only received $5 million a year from the Ontario government for their efforts. This arrangement was always a clear indication that...

mechanicAn open letter to the Minister of Education:

Dear Lisa,

You’ve ignored my other emails. But I thought I’d send you another email today, another voice from rural Ontario. Today, my husband, a 38 year...

education suppliesThis is a letter I sent today to MPP Bill Walker:

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am writing to express my disappointment, and frankly amazement, that our Provincial Government has chosen...

tax guideEditor:

In a recent distribution entitled “Tax Guide,” Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller falsely accuses the federal Liberal government of raising taxes for middle-class families. In fact, this government lowered taxes for nine out of ten families, as one of its first acts in government.

Mr. Miller's pamphlet then...

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