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walkerfordDear Editor

I took the time to send a note via his web site to MPP Bill Walker. In it I outlined my reasons for not supporting Mr. Ford in his vendetta against the Toronto City Council. Particularly I stated my disappointment with the use of the notwithstanding clause. I received the following in response:

collaborateTo the Editor:

I very much appreciated the opportunity to hear the diverse opinions of the candidates for council, mayor and deputy mayor for Owen Sound at the All Candidates meeting last night at the Harmony Centre. It helped me make up my mind about who will best represent...

all candidates meetingTo the Editor,

Last night I had the privilege attending an informative and well-managed All Candidates Meeting in Owen Sound. It was organized in a way that afforded maximum coverage of the issues as well as input from residents. Kudos to the candidates who came forward and to the...

QPDear Editor

You cannot talk about being 'for the people' and cutting service funding without giving up your own publicly funded perks and incomes.

You are not for the people if you do not share our fate and choose to ...

computer-1844996 640Dear Editor,

I'm writing to express my concern with the integrity of the online voting system in place for the upcoming City of Owen Sound municipal election. Now that electors are receiving their voter cards, a number of serious issues have arisen:

There are numerous reports of electors receiving voter cards for people who do not live in their household. These


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