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garbageCity of Owen Sound logic:
Problem: We need a way to address property standard issues in a timely fashion.
Solution: Bring in a bylaw that allows a more rapid response and allows the city to take action and bill the property owner...

aerialsoundCan growth and expanding the tax base save Owen Sound from decline? Many candidates including incumbents in this year's municipal election have set these particular goals as the foundation of their platforms. Is this really the direction we need to pursue?...

forrentAnyone who walks along 2nd Ave E downtown can quickly determine that vacant commercial buildings are a very big problem in Owen Sound. Of course, no one wants to be an owner of a vacant building but I don't think vacancy is a good enough reason to pay 30% less...

Payday-loan-storeOn Sept 30, 2018 Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW) were supposed to get an increase to rent and basic needs. The Ford Government just announced it will now be 1.5 % across the board, instead of the 3% we were promised for rent and basic needs...

mobile-phone-1917737 640Dear Editor
Twenty years ago, social media had no platform in peoples' lives. Today social media is an everyday platform in peoples' lives. Even basic essential services such as police, firefighters, Service Ontario, Revenue Canada have had to create their own Facebook, Twitter...






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