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farmers marketOn Thursday, April 25, 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) advised that Farmers’ Markets Ontario will no longer receive ongoing financial support from the provincial government. In place of the annual funding, FMO and other organizations will be able to apply for a new OMAFRA project-based program. Details of the program have not yet been made public.

On behalf of the board and member markets, I would like to ...


We, the members of the Hanover Public Library Board, announce with sadness and disappointment that the Inter-library Loans service at the Hanover Public Library has been discontinued due to recent provincial government cuts.

In the past, people in Hanover could ask our library for any library book in Ontario. The Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) provided...

58870244 1551442218323321 943295901919608832 nOur calendars are full of days and months to commemorate different causes. Some mark historic events, others raise awareness for issues that impact our neighbours and communities. May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month and Violence Prevention Grey Bruce is inviting everyone in our twin counties to start a conversation about it.

Sexual violence can take many forms, from online harassment to sexual assault and rape. We know that sexual violence happens in Grey and Bruce counties because

walmartflyerSome people are apparently upset that Wal Mart has a Ramadan flyer. I didn't get that flyer ; my latest Wal Mart flyers are generic spring ones.

Unfortunately I don't have their Easter flyer to prove they pander equally to all religions, but...




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