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suit tieMen need liberation. Wearing a tie is torturous and dangerous to your health.

While watching the latest Australian open tennis, sometimes at even 100 degrees heat, I felt sorry for men commentators in hot jacket and tie outfits. Sometimes they looked like going to a...

fountainpen fullJeez, I wish we lived in a perfect world. However, in a democracy going along to get along is at times an absolute necessity. Otherwise everyone would have their own unique view of the world and nobody would be able to get anywhere. Many times I have said to...

Pregnancy test resultIn response to Kaitlyn Neath’s article in the Owen Sound Hub’s Opinion, I would like to take a few moments in response to her article titled, “Call for transparency in pregnancy centres” on February 15, 2019.

First and foremost, in Kaitlyn Neath’s article she states that we counsel women as such that they “may be shown anti-abortion...

piping ploverIt's hard to remain upbeat about the future state of the environment if you're reading and paying any attention to the world around you.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks is reviewing the Endangered...

life cycleRemember when you had to clean splattered flying insects off your windshield? What happened? Surely that alone should give us a clue that something is going on. It is reported that in the last 40 years there has been a 50% decline in wildlife. During the same time the human population has increased by 75%. Surely it is impossible to deny that there must be...

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