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plasticsPlastics … plastics … everywhere – in the news, on the beaches, in the landfills…

If you haven’t seen it, CBC’s Marketplace has a great show about plastic...

womenEven though Canada is one of the top egalitarian societies with respect to women in the world, still women remain more vulnerable, and with them the children they care for. The issues I present don’t have to be “women’s issues”, but the policies of the...

Owen Sound CampusDear Mr. Walker

How is the 10% cut in tuition going to be replaced in the finances of colleges and universities? More jobs lost? Fewer teachers and support staff?

This reminds me far too much of the Mike Harris era. I was Director of the local campus...

graduationDear Editor,

Re: Ontario government removes grace period for student debt repayment

Short answer: It will negatively affect every single student from Ontario attending post-secondary education. . .

rural landEditor,

As a young Canadian from Rural Ontario looking to enter the workforce soon, I welcome the creation of the Ministry of Rural Economic Development. For too long rural Canadians' issues weren't being listened to...

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