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bruce power siteShow your support for Bruce Power by signing online petition.

As your readers may be aware, Bruce Power will appear before the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) at the end of May to request a 10-year extension to its operating...

deareditorLike our current MPP, Bill Walker, I am concerned about the recent Auditor General's report that says Ontario's deficit is larger than our current government had determined it was. But unlike Mr Walker, I don't agree that his party has developed a solid strategy to put Ontario back on track, nor are they

accessibletrailIn response to David McLeish's letter regarding the paving of the trail at Harrision Park, my concern is not with making the trail accessible which I think is a laudable goal but rather the decision to use asphalt. It appears to me that this decision is based on short-term financial considerations and immediate ease of application rather than...

oil pipelineA Texan oil executive snaps his fingers and Prime Minister Trudeau flies home to hold an emergency meeting with BC and Alberta. Wow. Kinda makes you wonder who's running the country. This is not the Trudeau I remember. That Trudeau would have flipped the billionaire the bird and told him to sit down, be quiet and wait until he had ironed out the constitutional flap between...




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