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sauble beachThe recent article published last week in the Owen Sound Sun Times concerning Sauble Beach maintenance is very disturbing. The town is facing two charges under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

At the public hearing in...

populationI realize that population reduction sends fear into the hearts of the political right and left. The political right doesn’t want to be chastised by their religious supports who belief in keeping (human) souls from hell. The political left wishes to...

snowwalkIs this what the city expects me to walk to school in?

Every year is the same thing. I’ve dealt with the side walks never being plowed for the past 14 years of walking to school....

Justice Oliver Wendell HolmesCouncillor John Tamming channeled Oliver Wendell Holmes at this morning's budget meeting.

Members of Council:

Indulge me for a moment. Four minutes to be precise. I got to thinking last night about the words of our city manager yesterday. And how we should not lose sight of all the services...

winterwindowToday it is incumbent on me to share the truth.
As many are aware an extreme cold alert for this province is in effect.
The challenge we have is that after 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. there is no warm...

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