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ice and snow in arctic watersTime to get real with moderate centrists who believe in climate change but still think we can take a "middle ground" approach to addressing it:

30 years ago, a price on carbon would have been enough to move us incrementally and gradually to...

turkeycrowdingLet me be clear - breaking and entering and trespassing isn't okay and I do not advocate for it.

Nonetheless, all on-farm handling codes for all species of farmed animals are governed by National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) - a quasi-government agency that is, and has long been, subject to regulatory capture. In other words,...

environmentThe “Climate Emergency” – Is it really an emergency or merely a political move?

It may be that some might accuse me of being a “climate denier” and I will take that with a grain of salt as it seems everyone knows the “climate” changes. But isn’t it time to...


I am writing today to clarify recent changes made by our government to library funding.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is maintaining...




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