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walmartflyerSome people are apparently upset that Wal Mart has a Ramadan flyer. I didn't get that flyer ; my latest Wal Mart flyers are generic spring ones.

Unfortunately I don't have their Easter flyer to prove they pander equally to all religions, but...

libraryA letter to Mr. Bill Walker, MPP:

Dear Mr. Walker,

I live near Miller Lake in Northern Bruce Peninsula. I am finally motivated to write to you about my concerns.

Although I am extremely concerned about...

elizabeth marshallDear Editor

The PC Budget Bill 100, Schedule 17. The constitutional ramifications of this is horrific...are they so ill-informed they would actually do this??? In an article by the CBC, Lucas Powers, Apr 14, 2019, Professor Amir Attaran, of the University of Ottawa...

gray fox kitsLetter to Bill Walker, MPP

The recent announcement regarding the government’s proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act is irresponsible and appalling to me. If approved, this will have a detrimental effect on all species at risk in this...




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