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education suppliesThis is a letter I sent today to MPP Bill Walker:

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am writing to express my disappointment, and frankly amazement, that our Provincial Government has chosen...

tax guideEditor:

In a recent distribution entitled “Tax Guide,” Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MP Larry Miller falsely accuses the federal Liberal government of raising taxes for middle-class families. In fact, this government lowered taxes for nine out of ten families, as one of its first acts in government.

Mr. Miller's pamphlet then...

protestQPDear Minister,

I understand that tomorrow the healthcare committee is meeting to decide what amendments they should make to the healthcare overhaul bill. I strongly believe this committee should include an amendment that would ban any expansion of private, for-profit care with the new legislation, I urge you to support this view and...

studentssaynoAs a group of students who have put ourselves in a position of public scrutiny in order to make our voices heard, the walkout’s organizational committee at OSDSS is disappointed that our Premier and Minister of Education would undermine the work of youth. However, we are not surprised.

It is much easier to attribute our...




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