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30898027163 701d3d7096 kApril 3rd is the day against victim blaming and another reminder that it is time to believe survivors.

The last six months have filled the news – and social media newsfeeds – with stories and conversations about sexual assault, harassment, and ...

locmapDear Mr. Mayor and Members of Council:

I am writing this letter in opposition to the recent decision to allow Sunday gun hunting in the Municipality of West Grey.

Although not a hunter myself, I am not averse to hunting and do have a firearms permit. I have two sons...

libertarian democraticI am a libertarian democratic socialist.

Apparently I'm a libertarian democratic socialist. Well, I've been called worse, but this sounds particularly bad. Like I'm the love child of Margaret Thatcher and Fidel Castro, or Ronald Reagan and Madame Mao, or Ann Coulter and...

huntWest Grey Council's tactics to avoid debate on Sunday hunting did not break any rules, but it certainly broke Council's own "Openness and Transparency" guidelines.

The first hint that Council was considering Sunday hunting came when the agenda was released on Friday 16 March, indicating presentations by pro-hunting...

employment applicationDear Editor,

I would like to address the controversy related to the recent vote on Canada's Summer Jobs Program; specifically the House decision to include that eligible organizations must, "respect individual human rights in Canada... These include reproductive rights;" a decision that has been the cause of much scrutiny from right wing religious groups, the conservative party and our own...




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