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scrapingre: Calling out racism and hate, July 9

Firstly, I applaud Anne Finlay-Stewart from The Owen Hub for taking the risk to call out these egregious stickers and educate the public about this hate speech. It is time to be brave and I thank you for standing up.

rippedstickerRe: Calling out racism and hate, July 9th, 2019

Racism and hate have no place in Canada. Period.

I've spend my whole adult life serving and standing up for all Canadians while...

kkkre: Calling out racism and hate, July 9

I am saddened and angered by the appearance of these hateful images and symbols being found posted in our community.
Recent anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiments are fueling the sparks ...

rippedstickerre: Calling out Racism and Hate, July 9

Starting a dialogue on this topic is a great idea. Imagine getting a medical exam that indicated you had diabetes. What you wouldn’t do is ignore it and hope it goes away. Any issue of importance should never be ignored. You need to study it, discuss it and understand it.

Racist graffiti in the Owen Sound area is no different.

ripped88smallRe: Calling out racism and hate , July 9

Racists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, are cowards and bullies - now, just as in 1939, when Canada went to war to oppose them.

They prey on...

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