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Speakers corner01June 23, 2019


We have now initiated Our Outdoor FREE Shelter in ...

parliamentThere's no doubt some would prefer there be no pipeline expansion. But an equal number would prefer there be twice as many, with tankers wending their way through the Douglas Channel in B.C.

So the job of government in a complex federation is to thread through the various competing interests. To find a middle path...

listen learn leadDear Editor,

On June 7-9th myself and two other delegates, Michael VanHise and the PLA president Richard Suchow represented Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound at the Ontario Liberal Party AGM.
I have always been more involved federally; However, with the recent health care and education cuts Doug Ford has pursued I feel responsible for defending the interest of my fellow students at...

library servicesSo, how much has the 50% cut to the Southern and Northern Ontario Library Service’s budget saved the taxpayer?

Let's do some quick arithmetic:

There are 300 libraries in...

Ford560One year ago, on June 7th, 2018, the Doug Ford government was elected. Since then Ford and his Caucus have relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked public services and education in Ontario.

In marking the anniversary of this dark day and to bring attention to the profound level of Conservative attacks in Ontario, the Grey Bruce Labour...

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