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harrisontrailGood afternoon Mayor and Owen Sound council
I am here today to speak to you about your decision to pave the nature trail that runs from the entrance of Harrison Park to the rainbow bridge. When I read to my mother (whom I moved back to my hometown to take care of) a few weeks ago that city council had voted to....

deareditorDear Editor,

I am writing to express some concern about the nature of the hate speech post on April 10th. I do not believe that even the "scrubbed" version of the photo should be circulated. I think that we as a community need to be made aware of this act of racism, however posting the photo replicates the violence. We should be outraged by this colonial violence and we should be creating discussion, however I am very worried

habitatDear Editor:

This is an open letter to congratulate Meaford's Mayor Barb Clumpus , Meaford's CAO Rob Armstrong, The Ontario Professional Planners Institute, Grey County Senior Planner Scott Taylor and all those involved in organizing the recent Attainable Housing Forum at the Meaford Hall.

The hall was near capacity, with an impressive...

plover-30849 640Dear Ms. Jackson:

First let me say how admirable it is of you to say "I need your help....again!!!" People do not ask for help often enough, particularly when circumstances are challenging. Good for you.

From what I've read,...

fieldDear Editor

Recently a member of the Grey County Federation of Agriculture sent me a notice that MPAC and Grey County would be increasing rural and farm assessments up to and beyond 71%, over the next 4 years.

In this announcement it was stated:...

infantThis is also being presented to Owen Sound City Council as a deputation Monday, April 9.
Dear Editor,
(1) According to the Food and Drug Administration fluoride is not a nutrient; it is a drug. A drug that's not even prescribed! (2) Fluoride has also been classified as a neurotoxin and I...






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