horse santa hat- by Rejean Pommainville, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

2018 has been a year. We’ve had provincial and municipal elections, international trade deals, extreme weather and unprecedented levels of DON in corn crops. So, you could say it’s been a tumultuous year in...

ont curriculum hpe

By Joseph Cassidy-Skoff

Prepare to get uncomfortable… we’re about to talk about sex. That is why such a fuss has been raised over the 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum, isn’t it? As genuinely concerned as we are about our children’s safety and well-being, it’s ultimately our own discomfort of having to broach the subject of sex and sexuality that gets our knickers in a knot.

After all, our children are experimenting with their bodies and their friends’ bodies well before any health curriculum to-date would lead an interplanetary traveler to believe.

rural internet- by Mark Reusser, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Failure to plan was cited by Canada’s Auditor General as the reason the federal government has not delivered broadband access to rural and remote areas of the country. Included in the report to Parliament in late November, the Auditor General said the...

soil- by Peggy Brekveld, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Farmers are dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of our land. It’s our business to maintain healthy soils that will ensure food production today and for future generations. Soil is one of our most valuable and irreplaceable resources. That’s why the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is...

rural communities- by Pat Jilesen, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Doug Griffiths turned heads at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s (OFA) recent annual general meeting with his presentation on “13 Ways to Kill Your Community.” Based on a best-selling book he co-authored, Griffiths addressed the...

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