FrielandTrudeau- By Chrystia Freeland

The United States Mexico Canada Agreement is an updated, modernized North American trade agreement that is good for Canada and good for Canadians.

It is the result of Canada being tough...

combine- by Debra Pretty-Straathof, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Safety must be a top priority on and off the farm – especially now as farmers head out on the roads with equipment during harvest. It’s getting tougher to travel on roadways. Roads, bridges and traffic circles aren’t built to accommodate machinery and a...

checklistThe Grey Bruce Labour Council, the voice of workers in Grey and Bruce Counties for over 60 years, is intensely interested in ensuring that progressive voices are heard at all political levels. As we approach the upcoming municipal elections we must remember that “all politics are local” and municipal choices have the most immediate impact on our...

christytrain2- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

I was one of the first people to offer financial support to Mudtown Station, because like the Kloezes  I believe we need a “people place” on Owen Sound's harbour. It's not a new idea, but this is the first time the City of Owen Sound has acknowledged that a significant public investment was required...

election spyware- by Dustin McGregor

This election cycle, The City of Owen Sound made the unfortunate decision to use online voting provided by Dominion Voting Systems(DVS). Legitimate results cannot be obtained due to the simplicity of voter fraud to more complex problems that, for example, could allow an attacker to change votes on the fly. There are also unresolvable privacy...

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